Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Is fear stopping you?

Last week, I went to a networking "mixer" in Portland. I've been trying to get myself out there to meet other entrepreneurs because, as one myself, it's great to get contacts. So, I'm getting ready, doing my primp-y girly thing (you ladies know what I'm talking about) and I get an email notice on my phone (isn't technology awesome?). The email tells me that my "Facebook Friend" (and fellow blogger) Chelsea Avery (click here to check out her blog) and her husband,Ryan [click here to learn more about him]).For those of you who aren't familiar with who Ryan is- he became the YOUNGEST Champion of Public Speaking, at the age of 25! So, this guy (and Chelsea), are pretty awesome and inspirational!  Ok- now the "FEAR" creeps in....Chelsea and Ryan Avery? "I'm not going", I told Nic (my guy, partner-in-crime, foot-rubber, cheerleader, etc....you get the pic....I'm in love with this man!). He then asked me why. I then told him who Ryan and Chelsea were. I let FEAR set in, and that FEAR made the insecurity pop up like nobody's business. I didn't feel I would measure up to someone of Ryan and Chelsea's caliber. FEAR was telling me, "You're not good enough. Why do you keep bothering disappointing yourself by going to these networking mixers? You don't have the credentials behind you." Nic then asked me, "Do you remember all the times you took control over your FEAR? What happened?" He then asked me to make a list. Out loud. Sigh.

*I overcame two marriages/divorces and didn't let FEAR stop me from falling in love again with Nic- who ultimately is my BIGGEST cheerleader!
*I am overcoming my weight issues and back in April of 2011, did my first half-marathon. That includes getting on a bicycle and I have a 76 mile ride under my belt.
*I have 2 pretty darn well-adjusted children, who amaze me every day. FEAR had me thinking that my children would fall under the "stigma" of having divorced parents- maybe they would have issues with authority, or something like that (don't ask me why I thought that. Oh yeah- FEAR. Duh)
*While on a training walk for a half-marathon last year, I got hit by a car in which surgery was required. I just got back on my bike yesterday!

I didn't let FEAR stop me and I got to meet a pretty awesome couple, Ryan and Chelsea Avery, along with some other great guys and gals at the mixer. Here's me and Chelsea. Ryan was awesome and got this shot of us. :)

Questions for today:

1. How does FEAR stop you? Is it from being in public, or doing something you've dreamt about doing (but FEAR is in the way)?

2. Have you gotten to meet a hero, mentor, or a celebrity?

3. Just for fun- where is your favorite place to go, whether it be a restaurant, store, etc.?


  1. thank you for speaking highly of myself and ryan-i'm totally blushing! as you hopefully noticed...we are just regular folks and i was totally nervous going to that event too!!

    so happy to hear that you have such a strong cheerleader and supporter in Nic! loved that he made you make a list out loud :)

    i once met billy idol and he kissed my cheek! i love going any place with happy hour :)

    great to meet you and i'm glad you didn't let fear stop you!

  2. Carlen you are one of the most amazing people I have ever met. You give more of yourself than anyone I have ever met. Not only have you encouraged me to take a healthier approach at life, but a more positive look at myself. For a while there I had forgotten that I was more than a wife and mother. And you reminded me that I am a human being with hopes and dreams, love and fears. I will never be able to repay you for the help you gave me. Given the fact that I did not even ask and you just decided that you saw me struggling and showed me that I am someone worthy of happiness. I am proud of my children as they are my life but like you showed me My kids are in their 20s and I should be doing things for me also.I know you and I have been thru allot in life and all I can say as my words of wisdom to you my dear friend is this thought here. You let someone have your past do NOT let them have your future.

  3. Chelsea, it was great to meet you too! That's awesome about Billy Idol....wow!

    Cheri- you are far too kind! I'm proud of you and what you're overcoming, too! That's what friends do- we encourage each other! ♥