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March 13, 2014

I had my first Zumba class yesterday with a friend of mine. I went to Crunch Fitness and also did my first tan in 20+ years (make sure to pay attention to the sign that tells you the amount of time in regards to your skin tone. I'm fair skinned and did the whole 10 minutes you're allowed- big no-no. Feeling slightly burnt today). The Zumba class was not intimidating, like I thought it would be. Oh, I also did 20 minutes on the treadmill on Tuesday (March 11th). I'm trying to stay focused on the 50 Day Challenge that Chelsea Avery (psst- follow her on Twitter!) began on February 24th. To be honest, I haven't been completely thorough with it- but practice makes perfect, right? 

It's the baby steps that count- you can do it! It may be a start of a 5 minute walk every day, or choosing water over soda. Whatever it is- it's all about change. Make yourself the best YOU that you can be! Onward and upward, friends!

Saturday, February 2nd, 2014

How are you feeling today, friends? What are you doing today to feel better both physically and mentally?

3 years ago, I started my path to physical wellness. I began to train for my first half-marathon, Race for the Roses (click here for the link to their website and how you can help Albertina Kerr Centers), with my boyfriend, Nic. He had previously done his first one in 2010 and casually mentioned it to me after we began dating in December of 2010. I said that I had been looking for something to do for myself to improve my physical well-being since I had been through two divorces and kind of was discouraged from doing anything for myself (including going back to school- but, that's another chapter in my life and a different story). So, we began training in January 2011. Believe me, there were days during training I wasn't very nice to Nic. ;)  However, we trained hard and on April 3rd, 2011- Nic and I completed it in 4 hours! Not bad for my first half-marathon.  Here's my results (I'm number 1865. Nic is number 1866)!!!

Thus began my drive for "being active".

Nic at the Monster Cookie Metric, April 2012
Me (Carlen) at the Monster Cookie Metric, April 2012

Shortly after that- I began riding a bicycle. My first time in 20 years! It wasn't easy but Nic and I have together participated in 2 bicycle events- Peach of a Century in Salem, Oregon and also the Monster Cookie Metric (also in Salem, Oregon). Due to 3 surgeries in a 14 month period, I haven't been as active as I would like to be but I am slowly getting back on track!

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