Saturday, April 5, 2014

My Interview with Kyle Jones, author of the blog, "HRtoWho"

Saturday, April 5th, 2014

I was interviewed by Kyle Jones, author of the blog, HRtoWHO. I met Kyle back in 2013 through Google+ Communities, namely the HR community, as I was trying to expand my contacts (most of you already know that I'm in the HR field- or, trying to get into the HR field as I am getting my degree in HR Management). We chatted back and forth, with him giving pointers how to make my blog "pop", what he thought the best platform to use for your blog, and advice in the HR field. So, without further ado- here are excerpts of the interview. You can visit Kyle's blog to see the rest of the interview. 

KJ: Why did you choose Human Resources as your profession?
I was working as work-study at DeVry University in Career Services. Originally, I had planned on getting my degree in Web and Gaming Design; however, my former supervisor had asked me why I was pursuing my degree my Bachelor's Degree in Web and Gaming Design.

KJ. Why? What about this question gave you reason to pause?
That was it. WHY? Why was I pursuing something I didn't have a real "passion" for? I have always been a people person and I love helping people become a better person that what they are. So, we talked. I realized what I was doing in Career Services than what a person would do in Human Resources. I thought about it and changed my major in February 2012. Another "driving" force for me to go into HR is mostly the HR people I had dealt with in the past. They did not seem so "people oriented" and I wanted to change the whole stigma of the HR person. 

KJ. What have you learned that you would like to now offer as advice to someone else?
You're never too old too stop growing personally, mentally, and spiritually. I went back to college at the age of 37- I was a stay at home mom for 10 years.  After going through 2 divorces, I found someone who loves me and encourages me to always strive forward. Also- don't get sucked into needless drama. We've got one life to live....make it the best life you can! 

Questions for the day:
1. Have you been interviewed, whether it be for a blog, newspaper, etc.?

2. Do you have a blog? Why, or why not?

3. And random question for the day: what is your favorite snack? (Mine is Granny Smith apples with Ritz crackers and Cheddar cheese *and it has to be Tillamook cheese*)