Saturday, February 1, 2014

Happy Saturday!

Well's Saturday! Hope the weekend finds you well. :)

I have updated the "Being Active" and "My Other Passion...Advocare" posts. Check them out!

Tomorrow, February 2nd, is Super Bowl XLVIII. Who are you rooting for? Me personally...I'm a HUGE Seahawks fan! 

Thoughts for today:

1. What are your plans for the game? Do you plan on doing a big spread, or keeping it low-key?
2. Are you a football fan? Who's your favorite team?
3. What do you do on the weekend to relax? 


  1. I'm a CASUAL football fan, catching a game on TV now & then. I am going to have some boneless wings & beer and root for Seattle though.

    1. How did your boneless wings turn out? I read your blog and you appear to be quite the chef! :)